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Episode 1 – The Bloody Benders

Grab your road trip snacks (Twin Cherries, and Appleheads), check your backseat, buckle your seatbelt, and come along for the ride as Haley and her dad discuss Kansas serial killer family The Bloody Benders.


If you’d like to hear a QnA with Haley’s dad, you can listen here.


Listen to the Spotify Playlist for The Bloody Benders here.


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Music by Chaes Gray Music


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Here are the details for the contest described in Episode 1:

Murder Road Trip Trailer

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Music by Chaes Gray Music

Artwork by Angel Lust Art



Thank you for checking out Murder Road Trip!

Murder Road Trip Podcast is a true crime podcast where I, your host Haley, discuss murder cases in my car aka the Mobile Beatz Lab. During the road trip, there will be games, mixtapes, and snacks as I make the research journey to murder scenes around the world.

The first episode will be available mid-August. Stay tuned for more information.

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